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Dress Code

Our goal is modesty

​​No spandex allowed as outerwear.  We do not allow the too tight, too short spandex commonly worn in volleyball, we will require at least a 3" inseam, but our expectations are that the shorts will be modest and not tight.  Tops must fit so that sports bras are not revealed, including racerback tanks. Midriffs should not be exposed while standing or while lifting your arms. You may wear a tucked in tank top underneath if you would like to wear a shirt that may show. Running shorts may be worn as long as they have the 3" inseam both inside and outside seams. All uniforms must be worn properly at all times with these same guidelines. Please understand that many family members and friends attend practices and events and wearing too tight, too short or too revealing items of clothing is going to make them feel uncomfortable to watch as well as our coaches who are teaching. We are a Christian organization and we strive to uphold modesty in all our coaches and players. Please know that we will not call your daughter out in front of her peers, but we may have to ask her to not practice if there is an issue with too much skin showing and we will need to have a discussion with parents about our dress code again. We are striving to keep the innocence in our girls as much as possible and we hope as parents, you'll understand and help your daughter understand.

An inseam is measured from the inner leg seam from where the two seams meet to the end of the shorts. If you need assistance with any shorts, you may bring them in for our coaches or board members to measure for you. We would encourage all parents to view what their daughter is wearing before leaving the house and if it's questionable, always keep an extra "approved" pair in your bag.

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