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"  My name is Kayla Mulder. I am a High School Freshman and a Dual Enrolled College student. A huge goal of mine has always been to get my Associates Degree before my High School Diploma, so I am currently working hard to accomplish that goal. I enjoy playing volleyball in my free time. I also have a passion for horses. I am pretty sure I have loved horses since the day I was born!!  I have been playing volleyball since 5th grade. I think the reason I am so passionate about volleyball is because it just makes me so happy whenever I am playing it!! Beach volleyball is one of my personal favorites, I think mostly due to the fact that nothing can beat playing the sport I love with my friends on the beach. I am also a big time animal lover, I love my two dogs (Rajah and Nala) and my cat (Rosie) more then anything in the world.  I am just so grateful that I found RCV and that everyone has been so kind and welcoming. I am thankful that Christ has blessed me with this talent to be able to pursue the sport I love. "

Junior High



"  Hi, My name is Annaleigh Mulder but everyone calls me Lou. I’m not sure where the nickname comes from but I’ve been called Lou since I was little!  I am 11 years old and I am in 6th grade.  I live with my parents, older sister, two dogs (Nala and Rajah), and my cat (Rosie). When I’m not playing volleyball I also enjoy playing basketball and softball.  My favorite subject in school is Science and I love doing science experiments!! I also really enjoy anything that has to do with Art; including drawing, making things out of clay, slime, and crafts!! 



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