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Support Our Club. Volunteer!

We want all RCV families to be involved in our club, and the more hands we have helping, the better the season will go for everyone. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities for the 2022 season with a new policy that will be implemented from here out.

New this year for RCV, the volunteer job sign ups will be done prior to the season beginning, so all of the jobs get covered.

Due to how much has to happen behind the scenes for RCV to run smoothly, and to keep the cost low for families, each family will be asked to sign up for volunteer jobs for the season. You will find a list below. Please select the top 3 jobs that you would be most comfortable serving in. As the games are scheduled, you will receive dates and times for your jobs for the season. If for whatever reason you decide not to volunteer there will be a $100 fee per athlete.   


Team Mom

-Helps organize and coordinate behind the scenes so the coach can focus on the team


-Keeps team informed so everyone has the same info

-Checks in with coach often to communicate between coach and families

-brings any needs to the RCV board


-Following up with volunteers for each game

-Plans food for tournament lunches


-Reminding parents of their volunteer jobs at each game

-Having all parents sign up to bring food for tournament lunches

Streaming Games

-Record games and put them on the RCV Facebook page

Line Judge

- Needed at all games (training will be provided)

-Responsible for calling balls landing near or on line as in or out

Ref for Games

-Go to referee training and ref some of the RCV games

Ticket Sales

-Set up and sell admissions tickets at home games

-Return all materials to RCV Board Member

Collecting Concessions

-Organize the collection, from each family, of snacks and drinks to sell


-Needed at all home games and tournaments (training will be provided)

Party Planner

-Organize summer picnic, senior night, team bonding and end of the year banquet

-Summer picnic - collect RSVP's and assign what to bring

-Senior Night - May include getting balloons, flowers, small gifts, and making posters for the senior athletes

-Team Bonding - Organize fun events for the teams

-End of year banquet - Organize food responsibilities, collect RSVP's, decorations, set up, clean up, games or activities, collecting for coach's gifts and team mom gifts

Setup/Tear down

-Complete at home games

-Assist team on set up of nets, bleachers, chairs for the team, score table and scoreboard and make sure line judge flags are at score table


- Needed at all games (training will be provided)

-Responsible for keeping records of serving order and points


-Set up and sell snacks and drinks at home games

-Pack up everything at the end of game night

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